Terminals at Nice Airport - Terminal 1 and Terminal 2

Nice airport has two passenger terminals: Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. There is available a free shuttle bus service that links both terminals 1 and 2.

Terminal 1

It operates with Schengen, non-Schengen and domestic flights.


The terminal building has three floors/levels: Ground Level, First Level and Second Level.

The terminal has 25 gates.


- Ground Level: manages the Arrivals and Departures from the airport. There are located the check-in desks, the rental car desks, baggage claim area, among other facilities. There is a VIP Lounge located in the Departure Lounges of Terminal 1.


- First Level - 1: beyond the security check in area there is the post-security area where only passengers can access. There are various services and amenities provided as drinks and beverages, shops, duty free, cafés, among others.


- Second Level - 2: it hosts the Business Meeting Center and a restaurant. The Business center has more than 10 offices and rooms to host over 240 guests.


There is available a free shuttle bus service that links both terminals 1 and 2. Travel time from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 it takes 12 minutes. The shuttle bus stops in various points, as the car rental buildings, the bus station located at each terminal or the parkings.  

Terminal 2

The terminal building has 4 floors/levels: Ground Level, First Level, Second Level and Third Level. Currently it’s under a refurbishment that is calculated that is going to end along 2017.

Terminal 2 has 27 gates and next to the building there is located the Business Aviation Terminal.


- Ground Level - Arrivals Level: it manages the arrivals. There are various restaurants, shops, a prayer room, a post office, rental car desks, baggage claim area, among others.


- First Level - 1: it manages the departures. It has 27 gates and various restaurants and shops. There is a VIP Lounge located on the Departure lounges, a Meeting Room area with 7 offices and meeting rooms for more than 50 guests is also available.


- Second Level - 1: There are only elevators and restrooms available for passengers.


- Third Level - 3: there is located a place for food and beverages as well as elevators.


As well as Terminal 1, Terminal 2 has a shuttle bus service that links with the other Terminal (T1). Travel time is about 5 minutes from T2 to T1. The service is for free.